Installing with go-xcat

To easily install xCAT and handle the dependency package, a new script go-xcat is provided.

On the target xCAT Management Node, run the following commands to install the latest version of xCAT:

wget -O - >/tmp/go-xcat
chmod +x /tmp/go-xcat

Download xCAT

There are a number of options provided for installing xCAT.

  1. Download the tar.bz2 packages provided on this download page
  2. Configure the public hosted online repositories from your target machine
  3. Clone the xcat-core project and compile from source (still requires xcat-dep)

Regardless of the option that is chosen to install xCAT, BOTH xcat-core and xcat-dep are needed before starting the install.

xCAT Core Packages (xcat-core) is the main package containing the xCAT software. The following builds are available: xCAT Dependency Packages (xcat-dep) is a tar package that is provided as a convenience for the user and contains dependency packages required by xCAT that are not provided by the operating system.

xCAT Core Packages (xcat-core)

Looking for older releases of xCAT? Go to the File Manager and navigate to the desired directory.

Release Builds (Stable) - xCAT 2.14.6

This is the latest official released version of xCAT that has been fully tested.

Linux - RPM Packages

Linux - Debian Packages (Ubuntu)

Snapshot Builds

These are snapshot builds for the current release, which will be released in the next xCAT refresh of the currently released version

Linux - RPM Packages

Linux - Debian Packages (Ubuntu)

Development Builds - xCAT 2.15/

This is the latest development build we are working on for the next xCAT release

Linux - RPM Packages

Linux - Debian Packages (Ubuntu)

xCAT Dependency Packages (xcat-dep)

Linux - RPM

  • Download: xcat-dep From the xcat-dep, it's recommended to choose the latest snap date.
  • Linux Online Repository: xcat-dep online repo. From the online repo, select the os/arch of your management node and configure yum/zypper with the provided xcat-dep.repo file in that directory.

Linux - Debian (Ubuntu)